The internet can easily be overwhelming, thus finding good reads online can be a hard task, waste of valuable time, and distracting. In this bi-weekly series of posts I will try to help filtering and pick the best ui ux design related articles that inspired or interested me during the week.

The advances of the Chinese characters

A fascinating article on the advances of the Chinese characters. For over a century Chinese speakers had to adapt their language to western technologies that were originally developed for the alphabet in mind. However with the rise of computing power, Chinese speakers had finally transcended their language to develop a richer and more complicated relationship with the modern technologies.

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Facebook design resources

Wonderful initiate from Facebook’s designers who has decided to contribute to the growing design community by sharing useful resources.

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Free mockups

Presentation can sometimes make or break a deal, thus it is very important to be able to do that professionally. This list covers some very useful free mockup templates that could help convey your work within the context of the users.

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Don’t defend your work

With all the work that we spend on designing awesome interfaces and interactions, it is also very easy for us designers to be over defensive and try to protect it from any critics or feedback we are not thrilled to hear from stakeholders or users. Tough being confident in our work can be helpful, it is very important to balance it with a fair amount of listening, which help us to better understand the problem in front of us, and thus potentially provide a better solution.

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100 excuses for designers

Let’s face it, if there was an olympic contest among all the professions who holds the most excuses for their work, I bet designers will most likely win one of the three medals. In this hilarious post, designer Jon Moore reveals all our secrets with a list of 100 of those excuses.

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Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Great reference to some of the most common cognitive biases that could help us to better understand our users decision making (and perhaps ourselves as well).

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